Happy Tamil New Year 2016

Every linguistic and religious community observes its own New Year. It is a day of rejoicing and one of the most important of festivals. The Tamil New Year’s Day is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on the first day of the…

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The Dance of Bliss - Ananda Tandava

Dance of Bliss, Ananda Tandava

The Dance of Bliss, Ananda Tandava on the day of the Poosam star in the month of Thai (Jan-Feb) at Chidambaram. The Ananda Tandava is described in Koyil Puranam of Chidambaram. According to this, the Rishis of Darukavana send the…

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Skanda Sashti Festival!

Skanda Sashti Festival

Skanda Sashti Festival is celebrated in all the Murugan temples in South India in commemoration of the victory over  the demon Taraka (Soora Padma) by Lord Muruga. Festival for Muruga! The festival takes place on the sixth day of the…

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The Kashmiri Poet - Abhinavagupta!

The Kashmiri Poet

The Kashmiri Poet & Philosopher – Abhinavagupta, Who hailed from Kashmir and lived in the 10th Century A.D., was one of the greatest thinkers of ancient India. He was a contemporary of Raja Raja Chola the great (985-1014 A.D.). In the…

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ARMENIAN BROOK BRIDGE-CHENNAI is a monument belongs to department of Archaeology. Armenians settled in Madras in the year 1600 A.D. Georgetown was the home of Armenian traders from far-away Europe. The street they lived on was known as Armenian Street…

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Sarfoji II 238th Birthday - Heritage Treasure

Serfoji II Bhonsle of Thanjavur

The 238th Birthday of Great Maratha ruler Serfoji II Bhonsle of Thanjavur was happened yesterday! we the Heritage Treasure honouring the great king with an article. He  got his education from the Danish Christian  missionary under Rev. Christian Freidrich Schwartz ,because…

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The Alambarai Fort at ECR, Chennai

ALAMBARAI Fort On East Coast road (ECR)

Alambarai a tiny fishermen’s village has the old vestiges of a ruined fort about 120 km from Chennai and very nice picturesque place for weekend visit. You can take a boat ride along the backwaters in a fishing boat; can…

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