The Kudimiyamalai Inscription on Music

Kudimiyamalai Inscription on Music

The Kudumiyamalai Inscription on Music, whose Royal patron, if not its creator was the famous PallavaMahendravarman- I, is situated in Pudukkottai  Taluk in Trichirapalli District. The Inscription occupying a space of about 13’X14’ is engraved on the slope of a…

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Vallam Ganesha! - Heritage Treasure

Valampuri Ganesha

Valampuri Ganesha  is found on the rock cut shrine near Chengalpet on the way to Mahabalipuram Vallam is small settlement near Chengalpattu where three rock-cut shrines are excavated in a hillock, running north to south. Cave Temples at Vallam –…

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