Meadows Taylor

Col Meadows Taylor

“Meadows Taylor was the first man, so far as I know, to hint implicitly at the true function of an excavator and recorder. his works show an acuteness of perception and technical competence far advance of the time. His achievement…

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William Jones

William Jones – An English Philologist

“Archaeological and historical pursuits in India started with the efforts of Sir William Jones, who put together a group of antiquarians to form the Asiatic Society on 15th January 1784 in Calcutta. The efforts put by Jones had a long…

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Danish establishment in India!

Danish establishment in India

The 395th year of the establishment of Danish East India Company in India at Tranquebar, (Tharangambadi) the land of tender waves, also means the land of the singing waves. Today, the Danish Castle at Tharangambadi is one of the most…

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Lord Vinayaka - Heritage Treasure

An untold story of Lord Vinayaka!

The above painting is found in the famous Asalaeswara shrine in the Thayagaraja temple, Tirurvarur, Tamil Nadu, India. Once Lord Vishnu had a deep discussion with Lord Shiva in Mount Kailash, the small child Vinayaka got excited to see the…

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The Forest Church, Chennai, India

The Forest Church, Chennai

Are aware of ‘Kattu Koil’ or Forest Church which is situated in the bustling metropolitan area. It is none other than the Luz Church (156, Luz Church Road, Mylapore), located near Cathedral Basilica of St. Thomas in Santhome. In the…

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