Happy Tamil New Year 2016

Every linguistic and religious community observes its own New Year. It is a day of rejoicing and one of the most important of festivals. The Tamil New Year’s Day is celebrated in Tamil Nadu on the first day of the…

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Happy Vishu


Vishu is celebrated by the Malayalees with great festivities. It is the accepted New Year Day of the Malayalees and is celebrates on the first day of the Malayalam month Medom (April-May). As for other festivals, there is a legend…

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Ugadi is the name given to the Telugu New Year’s day. It falls on the first day of the month of Chaithra (March-April). It is generally believed that it is the anniversary of the creation or the first day of…

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Maha Sivaratri is one of the major Hindu festivals celebrated with gaiety. It is observed on Falgun Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi as per North Indian calendars and Magha Krishna Chaturdashi as per Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh calendars. This day…

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This palm sized image of Mahishasuramardani is from Visvanatha swami temple at Tirukkudi, in Kudavasal taluk. The Heritage Treasure team comprising of Mr.Kannan and Mr. Vijai visited the place as per the request of the villagers and an eighty year…

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The arts like music, dance, sculpture have always helped one another in the development, creation and preservation of ideas that were born out of the genius of the artistes from time immemorial, all over the world. This article focus on…

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The Musical pillars, Nellaiappar temple, Tirunelvelli.

Music from Inscription

 The Musical pillars, Nellaiappar temple, Tirunelvelli. Two huge pillars in the ‘Mani manadapam’ located near the nandi mandapam carved out of a single stone and each one is having 48 sub pillars. They produce musical notes when struck. The scholars…

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The Dance of Bliss - Ananda Tandava

Dance of Bliss, Ananda Tandava

The Dance of Bliss, Ananda Tandava on the day of the Poosam star in the month of Thai (Jan-Feb) at Chidambaram. The Ananda Tandava is described in Koyil Puranam of Chidambaram. According to this, the Rishis of Darukavana send the…

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The Kudimiyamalai Inscription on Music

Kudimiyamalai Inscription on Music

The Kudumiyamalai Inscription on Music, whose Royal patron, if not its creator was the famous PallavaMahendravarman- I, is situated in Pudukkottai  Taluk in Trichirapalli District. The Inscription occupying a space of about 13’X14’ is engraved on the slope of a…

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The Date of Periyalvar

Date of Periyalvar from Inscription

The Tamil month Margazhi (from mid December to mid January) is supposed to be sacred from all aspects. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that he is Margazhi among the twelve months.  On all the thirty days of this month, Tirupavai Pasurams will…

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