Mahavir Jayanthi

Mahavir Jayanthi

Mahavir Jayanthi special posting of this article with beautiful images will definitely attract the readers to visit this place

Kazhugumalai or Kalugumalai is located in Tuticourin district. There are number of Jain images with inscriptions of Tamil Language and script Vattezhuthu character. They mention the donations made by the devotees of Jain faith.

Date of the Jain images

From the epigraphs and on the style of the sculptures they are to be assigned to the Pandya ruler, Parantaka Nedunchadaiya (768-800 CE).

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Noteworthy facts

The inscriptions mentions the names of the women Jain monks , they are known as KURATHI & KURATHIKAL. Some of the names are from the inscriptions TIRUMALAI KURATHI, MAKANA KURATHI, PICHAIKKURATHI. Even some of them were married.

Senthankurathi was mentioned as the wife of Nayanar kovan mithan installed two image of Jain thirthankara at Kazhumalai.

The sculptures were made in memory of the Jain ascetics


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