HATS OFF! Chennai Youth-Peter the Dutch boy tale!

There is statue in Madurodam, Netherlands of a Dutch boy who saves his country by putting his finger in a leaking dike. The boy stays there all night, in spite of the cold condition, until the adults of the village find him and make the necessary repairs. Today the youth of Chennai voluntarily served for good cause and helped the needy in time. The maintenance of water bodies in time is necessary to avoid the heavy rain or deluge that caused heavy damaged to the lives of Chennities. We the Heritage Treasures takes this opportunity to salute those who where involved in this rescue operations.

The maintenance work for the lakes, tanks and small water bodies include both precaution and preservation during the heavy floods. When the reservoirs are full precautious steps must be taken to prevent the reservoirs from getting over filled; measures must be also taken to maintain the tanks in full keeping them from getting emptied by over diversion of excess inflow of water into the tanks.

The buds of the tanks must be strengthened and raised so that they can bear the pressure of water when the reservoirs are full. Any leakage noticed in any part of the bund must be stopped immediately by strengthening the leakage point; at the time of dry the tanks are empty the silt in the tank bed must be removed. The Act of repairing work of a breached tanks or a damaged temple tank was considered to be a meritorious one and regarded as one who was supposed to get the merit of having performed one thousand horse sacrifices (ashvamedha yajna). There are number of inscriptional reference about the people who were dealing with the maintenance of the eri or lake they were called as erivariyapperumakkal. An inscription from Tirukkalukkuram refer the donation of 100 kalanju of gold and 208 kadi paddy during the reign of Kammpavarman (the Pallava king) for building the bund of the tank the donation was received by the sabha the assembly of the village and agreed to dredge the tank and raise the bund every year during the Tamil months of Vaikasi and Ani corresponding to May- July of the Georgian calendar.

We will prey the almighty for the quick recovery of Chennai and its inhabitant from the heavy lose due to rain.

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