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celebrating 123rd birthday of our famous historian Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri

We Heritage Treasure feel proud to celebrate 123rd Birthday of the most distinguished historian of twentieth-century Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri.

K.A. Nilakanta Sastri, born on 12th August 1892 in a poor Brahmin family in Kallidaikurichi near Tirunelveli, He completed his FA in M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli and his Higher college education in Madras Christian College. Sastri worked in many institutions like Hindu College, Annamalai University, National College, Madras University, University of Mysore. He also served as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago, USA.

He was also the President of the All-India Oriental Conference in the early 1950s. He served with the UNESCO’s Institute of Traditional Cultures of South East Asia, as the Director of the institute. In 1957, he was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honor.

He also contributed many books on our south Indian history and is followed by all the historians as their bible and some of them are “ The Paṇḍyan Kingdom from the Earliest Times to the Sixteenth Century, Studies in Chola history and administration, The Cholas, A comprehensive history of India, Historical method in relation to problems of South Indian history, Gleanings on social life from the Avadanas, Further sources of Vijayanagara history, The Tamil kingdoms of South India, South Indian Influences in the Far East, History of Sri Vijaya, A History of South India: From Prehistoric Times to the Fall of Vijayanagar, Historical method in relation to Indian history, A Comprehensive History of India, Development of religion in South India, Culture and History of the Tamils, Sources of Indian history with special reference to South India, A great liberal: speeches and writings of Sir P. S. Sivaswami Aiyar, Life and culture of the Indian people: a historical survey, Cultural Contacts Between Aryans and Dravidians, Age of the Nandas and Mauryas, An Advanced history of India, Foreign Notices of South India: From Megasthenes to Ma Huan, . Sangam literature: its cults and cultures, Aspects of India’s history and culture, South India and South-East Asia: studies in their history and culture. “

We are sure that without the contribution of this noble man, it would not been an easy task to track back our history of Cholas or Pandyas. Sastri, is not with us physically but his books and his contributions to our history particularly on South India and South East Asia and culture remain with us forever.

We also request the reader on this day that“ this great scholars have done, so much to know about our history of our kings who ruled south Asia, and it’s our duty to protect and conserve the available resources that are left for us, which stands as an living example of our rich heritage, culture and art.” By this act we are truly showing our respect and homage to the renowned international scholar K.A.N Sastri

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