Buddha Purnima / Vesak On May 4th 2015

Offering Help in Nepal earthquake to mark devotion to Lord Buddha on his birth day by Heritage treasure team

A stone image of Buddha recovered from a small fishing village called Chinnamedu near Kaveripppumpattinam in Nagappattinam District. This image made of lime stone available from Palnad in Andhra Pradesh; comparable with that of Nagarjunakonda image of Buddha from Andhra Pradesh. Dated to 3rd to 4th Century CE.

buddha_poornima_4 buddha_poornima_3 buddha_poornima_2

Other Bronze images of Buddha displayed in the Madras Museum

This bas-relief sculpture is present in the south side of the entrance of Ardha Mandapa or Antharala,(the mandapa) in front of the sanctum i.e., main shrine of Thanjavur Big temple ( Rajarajeswaram); the Great Living Chola temple declared by UNESCO as World Heritage monument, depicting Buddha seated under Bodi tree is worthy to be seen by the visitors of this temple.


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