Durga with Parrot


It is very interesting to note that Goddess Durga holding parrot or, it is depicted that it sits on her hand. Patteeswaram is situated around 7 kilometers from Kumbakonam, in Tanjore district in TamilNadu. The Durga Devi has eight arms and she holds a parrot in one of her eight arms. She is also called as Vishnu Durga and Durga Lakshmi. Her eight hands hold along with the abhaya hastha, conch, chakra, bow, arrow, sword, kedaya and parrot. Sri Lalithambal sameda Sri Meganathaswamy temple in Tirumiyachur about 20 km from Mayiladuthurai on the way to Tiruvarur- Mayiladuthurai road leads to Peralam, Nannilam taluk, Tiruvarur district. A parrot is perched on the arm of Durga. Lot of parrot is also sighted around the area. The temple Arulmighu Naganathaswamy temple, Manambadi, Tiruvidaimarudur taluk of Thanjavur District

This temple possesses 9 inscriptions of the chola period found on the Adhisthana and kumudam portion. It was constructed by Rajendra Chola I (12012-1044). During the chola rule this village was called as Ilachechikkidi alias Viranarayanapuram and the name of the god as Sri Kailasamudaiyar . During the chola period this place was known as Naganpadi later on known as Manampadi, which was located in Rajendra Simha Valanattu Mizhilai nadu.

The sculpture of Durga is noticed in the northern niche of the central shrine with parrot in her hand. In most of the ancient society Parrots have been considered as sacred. They worshipped birds particularly parrot was their blessed. There are popular stories about Parrot in Buddhist writings. In Buddhist iconography, a parrot is depicted hanging on the upper right side of Guan Yin, and clasping prayer beads in its beak.

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