Lord Vinayaka - Heritage Treasure

An untold story of Lord Vinayaka!

The above painting is found in the famous Asalaeswara shrine in the Thayagaraja temple, Tirurvarur, Tamil Nadu, India.

Once Lord Vishnu had a deep discussion with Lord Shiva in Mount Kailash, the small child Vinayaka got excited to see the revolving Sudharshana Chakra in the hands to Vishnu and swallowed it. Vishnu after noticing that His Sudharshana Chakra was missing and realized that it was swallowed by Vinayaka.  Lord Vishnu requested and  prayed Vinayaka to return  the Chakra , thus eventually  Vinayaka gave back His Chakra.

This story has been narrated in the Ganesapurana, which is found in the painting from Tiruvarur temple.

In the first scene Vinayaga is depicted in seated position offering the Sudharshana Chakra, while in the second scene Lord Vishnu painted in deep blue holding the Chakra with folded hands in front of Vinayaka.

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